county landmarks

A special database, COUNTY LANDMARKS, is a listing of over 300 locations in Moody County, both historical and current. Anybody utilizing the Landmarks Database only has to click on the name of the feature to open a map showing its exact location in Moody County. This information is important since before the introduction of standardized street names and signposts, people often gave directions by using local landmarks such as Bennett’s Corner (intersection of 480th Ave. and Hwy. 34) or the Red Rock Road (470th Ave.). People doing research in old newspapers or books will be able to determine where a feature was located as many maps from the late 1800s simply placed a town or feature within the borders of the County without verifying it’s location.

However, while this databases and others provide a great deal of information about the county and its citizens, many of them are incomplete. The Moody County genealogical Society is requesting everyone’s help in providing additional information to make the databases more useful. Updates or comments can be mailed or emailed to the address at the bottom of the page.

By clicking on the landmark's name, the website will open thr "bing maps" and show the exact location of the feature. (Maybe slow to load on some computers)

moody county 1884

(click on the 1884 map to load the County Landmarks database)