Online Maps

One of the first special aids a beginning genealogist will want probably is a blank pedigree chart. The second might be a family group form. The third will most likely be a "good map." Chances are that you are not very familiar even with the area where your grandparents were born. You may know it is a small farm near Ward, SD, but you probably don't know exactly where Ward is in relation to Sioux Falls (probably the only city in South Dakota a non-Midwesterner can locate with any accuracy).

If you are lucky, you will have either an encyclopedia, atlas or book of road maps that will show your town. If not, a trip to your local Library or a bookstore will turn up a good contemporary road map This will prove satisfactory for a time, but you will soon come to realize that there are many different kinds of maps and all have their use in genealogy. One major difference is between a contemporary map (how things are today) and an historical map (how they were at a particular time in the past). Within these two divisions there are many different categories, and some maps show more than one type of information.

The database below will help locate people who lived in Moody County:

1896 Moody County Plat Book – Listing of all rural residents of Moody County by township

1909 Moody County Directory – Listing of all residents of Moody County showing post office and township locations

1909 Moody County Atlas 2nd edition – Contains the township maps (in color) from the atlas

BLM Homestead Records – Shows homestead claims filed in Moody County from the records of the Bureau of Land Management

Land Patent Index Courthouse Books – Alphabetical listing of all land patent records at the Moody County Courthouse

Egan Sanborn Maps – early color fire insurance maps showing all buildings to scale

Flandreau Sanborn Maps - early color fire insurance maps showing all buildings to scale